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GRCGLA strongly recommends that all parties interested in purchasing a Golden Retriever puppy should check for the recommended clearances on the sire and dam and make sure that both parents are at least 2 years of age at the time of breeding. 

Clearances include OFA Hips, OFA Elbows, Clearance from a Board-Certified Cardiologist regarding the heart and a current (within 12 months) eye clearance from a board-certified opthalmologist.

GRCGLA encourages all breeders to follow the recommended guidelines from the Golden Retriever Club of America (GRCA) regarding the breeding of Golden Retrievers for health and temperament.  GRCGLA encourages all puppy buyers to become familar with the breed's standards and recommended health clearances and approriate age for breeding.  "Acquiring a Golden Retriever," a booklet published by GRCA is an outstanding reference for anyone interested in having a Golden Retriever in the family.

Please be aware from whom you are buying a puppy.  People who run puppy mills know the right things to say to convince you that it's not important to have current hip, eye, and heart clearances for both parents.  Don't be fooled!  Insist on seeing the papers or don't buy.  A reputable breeder will always give you a copy of all health clearances on both parents.  If they don't ---- walk away.


Below is a list of members who have signed the Code of Ethics for GRCGLA who may or may not have puppies at this time.  You are welcome to contact any of these individuals for information regarding acquiring a Golden Retriever:


Name Email
Valerie Brennan
Theresa Douglas
Gerri Monohan
Dave & Debbie Ramsey
Paula & Bill Rowan
Sharon Shilkoff
Danette Weich
Julia Wolfe


Not all club members are members of our Breeders Directory.  Please ascertain that you have health clearances for parents from any litter you are considering.

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